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How would you like to give your Business a RAISE every year!

STOP Overpaying for Credit Card Processing!

Reducing or even Eliminating your processing fees is a SMART business decision!!!
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Reducing or even Eliminating your processing fees is ALWAYS a SMART Business decision!

“Our MISSION is to develop an HONEST and TRUSTING Relationship with your Business and provide you with the ABSOLUTE BEST customer service in payments processing!”

We commit to work for you, to provide your Business with the BEST Rates and Terms in the Industry!

When you partner with us, your Business will receive direct VIP access to the Merchant Banks because we Eliminate the middle-man!!

Our network of merchant processing banks offer the lowest merchant processing fees in the industry!

We can save you money every month on your Credit Card Processing fees

Our Processing Equipment LEADS the Industry!

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A popular choice for many Businesses in todays Economy is our CASH DISCOUNT PROGRAM

We offer a cash discount program that will completely eliminate your processing fees!

What is a Cash Discount Program?
A Cash Discount program is a type of credit card processing that defers the processing fees to customers who choose to pay with a credit/debit card. A Cash Discount Program allows Businesses to continue to accept all major credit card brands, while eliminating the 3-4% in processing fee expenses!

CASH DISCOUNT Program Benefits

No Monthly Fees – ZERO monthly fees for processing your credit card transactions!!!

No Interchange Fees – Interchange Fees make up almost 90% of a businesses processing expenses. With us, expect to pay NOTHING!!!

No Batch Fees – When your Business closes out at the end of the day, you will pay NO Batch fees with us!!!

No Swipe Fees – This is a significant cost for most merchants. The Fee charged when a customer swipes their card is completely Eliminated!!!

No Rate Increases – Your rate can never increase with our Cash Discount Program because there is NO rate EVER charged!!!

Accept All Card Brands – American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover… You can accept all credit card types. It costs you ZERO $$$ to accept all card brands!!!

Our team of Merchant Processing Experts work for your Business to provide the lowest fees for all of your Credit Card/Debit Card processing, we will provide you with the latest technology in Credit Card processing systems, and provide you with the BEST customer service 24/7.

  • Over 20+ Years of Merchant Processing
  • Industry Leading Processing Products
  • Personal, 24/7 Customer Service

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Card Present

Eliminate Fees!

Cash Discount Program!

0% + $0.00 Fees

Person to Person Payments

Accepting Payments in Person

2.49%+$0.09 Lower Rates Available*

Card-Not-Present Payments

Online Payments or Over the Phone

2.75% + $0.20 Lower Rates Available*

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