TULK PAYMENTS is dedicated to empowering business owners with advanced payment solutions to seamlessly optimize their credit card processing system. Our committed team is focused on ensuring the success of your business. If your enterprise seeks to significantly reduce or eliminate processing fees altogether, we encourage you to reach out to us today to commence substantial savings. Let us be your partner in achieving financial efficiency and growth.

Our Services

Discover the more popular payment processing options we provide, including Interchange Plus and Dual Pricing methods. Our experienced team is dedicated to conducting a comprehensive cost savings analysis tailored to your business, guiding you towards the optimal payment method that aligns seamlessly with your needs. Let us empower your business with the perfect payment processing solution that ensures efficiency and maximizes cost-effectiveness.

Enhance your payment processing experience with a seamless upgrade to a robust, state-of-the-art system tailored specifically to your business needs. If you're dissatisfied with your current setup, let us provide you with a transformative solution, ensuring unmatched performance and satisfaction.

We Are Here To Help! ...Here Are Some INTEGRATIONS

At TULK PAYMENTS, we offer reliable and affordable Merchant Payment Processing Solutions. Our merchants gain access to a diverse range of robust payment options, including Point of Sale Systems, Touchless Technology, Digital Invoicing, E-Commerce, and Mobile Payments.

When you choose us as your partner, we work tirelessly to secure the best rates and terms in the industry for your business. By teaming up with TULK PAYMENTS, your business will directly access the Merchant Banks and be provided with your own Business Merchant Account (MID), ensuring seamless and efficient payment processing.


"We moved all of our payment processing to Tulk Payments at the beginning of July this year and we have seen quicker payment turnaround from our clients. We also setup Biller Genie to give our clients several ways to pay their invoices with us. I have been very happy with how the system works and how quick we are receiving our payments. Scott Matulka cares about how your company does with his products. He is easy to contact and very responsive. Looking for a better way to get paid by your clients? Give Scott Matulka a call!"
-- Tracy A. --
"Scott is excellent great at explaining things in a way even I understood. He really can help you save on credit card processing fees!"
-- Spencer S. --

Payment Solutions

Virtual Terminals

Turn your computer into a Virtual Credit Card Terminal and start accepting payments directly by phone or invoicing. There are many 3rd party Virtual Terminals that we can integrate with

POS Systems

Point of Sale Systems can really streamline your Business and help make it more profitable. POS Systems are a perfect choice for fast moving Businesses, especially Restaurants and Retail. We can integrate with many different POS Systems

Mobile Payments

We live in a mobile age and Mobile Payments make it very simple and easy to accept payments on the GO! We can set you up to accept Mobile Payments


We make it easy and simple to start accepting payments online or from your website

The Security of your Credit Card transactions is very important in today’s processing world. All of our providers and solutions meet the PCI requirements for processing your transactions safely. We help all of our merchants become PCI compliant, so it is one less thing you have to worry about.

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